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Vehicle Shipping

Automobile transport from Canada to any international location in the world.

By far the cheapest method of shipping cars is by Ro-Ro vessels. These are purpose built vessels designed purely for the shipment of cars. Ro-Ro service is the most simple and cost effective way to ship your vehicle. If you can drive it, we can ship it.

These vessels also carry non motorized equipment like boats on trailers or non roadworthy vehicles like heavy plant and machinery on steel tracks. From dump trucks to steamrollers, whatever your requirements, CMS Shipping can ship it.

On Ro-Ro vessels all cargo is shipped under deck and secured to the ground. No packing is required. Cars are driven into the ship at origin and driven out at the destination port.

In the absence of any Ro-Ro services to your destination, your vehicle will have to be loaded direct into a 20ft or 40ft steel shipping container depending on the quantity of vehicles.

Cars must be secured to the flooring rings of the container by ratchet straps and the wheels must be locked into position with wood blocks, the battery cables must be disconnected and the gas tank must be drained.

CMS Shipping can arrange for cars to be loaded at our warehouse offering a complete loading system that will maximize the loading capacity of your container.

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