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Why waste your precious time packing all those delicate items, when you may use the CMS Shipping trained specialists to do it for you. Only a phone call away and CMS Shipping will pack, wrap and pickup your belongings anywhere in the world.

CMS Shipping is truly an experts when it comes to custom packaging and crating those fragile, large, awkward and valuable items. We specialize in accessing the right type of packaging for any items and building first-class custom crates, boxes or pallets using high quality resources to protect your shipment.

If you are relocating a business, your staff's time is too valuable to be packing boxes and office space is too valuable to be storing bulky packaging supplies. Use CMS Shipping for what we are good for.

Whether it is one item or a thousand, we will find the solution that meets your packaging needs. For added peace of mind, packed items delivered by CMS Shipping can also be protected for loss or damage through an all inclusive cargo insurance that will cover you from beginning to end.



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