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All Risk Insurance







Circumstances outside of your control could damage your shipment while in transit. CMS Shipping therefore recommends you purchase All Risk Cargo insurance to cover your shipment while in transit.

Your shipment should be insured for its full replacement value. This will insure that your total financial exposure is covered against any physical loss or damage during transit.


Why Insure Your Cargo?

All transportation carriers limit their liability to amounts that simply won’t cover the full financial exposures involved with your shipment. For example:

  • International Air carriers limit is $20.00 per kilo
  • International Shipping Lines has a limit of $500 per shipment
  • Highlights of our insurance program are:
    • All Risk Cargo Coverage
    • Covers from door to door or door to port or terminal
    • Storage Coverage Extensions as required
    • Worldwide Network of Claim Settling Agents

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