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F.A.Q. For complete moves when using a Full container

1. What is the definition of FCL Shipments?
FCL stands for Full Container Load, meaning that you will be paying for the service of an entire container and only your belongings will be in such a container. CMS Shipping has 20 foot, 40 foot and 40 foot HC (high cube) containers available for your use.
2. How does CMS Shipping quote FCL shipments?
Our tariff is based on a flat rate depending on the port of destination.
3. How does CMS Shipping evaluate if I need a 20’, 40’ or 40’HC container?
CMS Shipping can send an expert evaluator to your residence for a free estimate.
4. Can I send my vehicle inside the container and who will load it?
Yes you may send your car inside the container and CMS Shipping will take care of loading it and blocking it for the safety of your vehicle and personal belongings.
5. Will CMS Shipping bring the container to my residence if I want to take care of loading my personal effects?
Yes CMS Shipping can place the container in front of your residence.
6. Do I need to obtain a city permit to park the container in front of my house?
Yes you must obtain a city permit from the City Hall in your area.
7. How many days can I keep the container in front of my house?

You can keep the container at your residence a maximum of 3 days, including the weekend.

20 foot Container
(20’L x 8’W x 8’6”H)

40 foot Container
(40’L x 8’W x 8’6”H)

40 foot High Cube Container
(40’L x 8’W x 9’6”H)






8. Do I have to complete a detailed inventory list?
Yes it is a necessity to present a detailed inventory list prior to removing the container from your residence. CMS Shipping can send you a template by e-mail or fax for completion or click here to obtain one.
9. Does CMS Shipping have knowledge of customs regulations for every country around the world?
Yes we do, but we recommend consulting with your local embassy or consulate. Click here to obtain the customs regulation for your country.
10. Does CMS Shipping offer marine insurance and how much does it cost?
Yes we do, and the rate is a small percentage of the total value declared.
11. Does CMS Shipping offer packaging services and how do you base your tariff?

Yes we do, and the rate is based per CBM.


12. Where can I buy my own packaging supplies?
We have a good network of packaging suppliers that are open to the public. Call us to find out the one nearest your area.
13. How much time do I need to call CMS Shipping in advance to schedule my pick up?
Preferably 48 hours in advance, but if necessary we could manage 24 hours prior as well.
14. How long does the entire process take from the time of pick up until the end of the transaction?
Three days if we don’t have to build a wooden crate and five days if we do.
15. Can I track my shipment on line?
Yes you can, 24/7 via our web site www.cmsshipping.ca A user name and password will be issued so you will be able to log in from any computer around the world.
16. What are the methods of payment that CMS Shipping accepts?
  • Cash
  • Money orders or bank drafts
  • Major credit cards (fees of 1.79 to 3 % will apply, depending of the origin of the credit card)
  • Debit card payments (fees of 1.9% will apply)
  • Direct Deposits at any TD Bank across Canada 
  • Wire transfers (a $ 25.00 fee will apply)
  • e-Transfers (No Fees applicable)
17. What documents will I obtain from CMS Shipping from the beginning of the transaction until the end?
  • An official booking confirmation outlining all the details of the shipment (booking number, quantity, volume, vessel name, voyage number, departure/arrival dates, transshipment port and shipping line)
  • An original CMS Shipping invoice detailing all services provided (stamped Paid in Full)
  • Original Bill of Lading (official document to be able to claim your goods abroad)
  • An official insurance policy (if applicable) detailing all the terms and conditions, as well as the name of their agents abroad in case of any claims
18. Can CMS Shipping help us with the destination services and what are they?

Yes, we can do a door-to-door complete move worldwide depending on your needs.
The services abroad that we offer are the following:

  • Customs clearance
  • Door delivery
  • Debris removal